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Misquoting Winston Churchill someone commented about blogging that “Never in the history of human communication has so much been written by so many for so few”.

With that stinging critique in mind, welcome to my blog!

Why another addition to the Blogosphere?

Because I want to write something that it will –

*Be a source of ideas, inspiration and practical help to those in Christian leadership, but especially to Preachers

*Give leaders hope that they are not alone–that there are others who struggle in this thing we call ‘ministry’, and there are at least some answers out there

*Log my own learning as a preacher, pastor and leader

As such I plan to blog around a cluster of related themes —Christian Spirituality, Leadership, Pastoring & Coaching, Theology & the Bible, Personal Growth, and above all, Preaching and Teaching. All things relevant to the life and ministry of the Pastor-preacher.

I hope my journey of learning and reflection might be of blessing to you in yours.


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