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Non-Christians just don’t get it.

Still preaching through Jonah, and by a happy coincidence we had Jon 2 with the Prophet’s prayer from inside the fish on the same Sunday as a believer’s baptism! There were quite a few non-Christians present, so I tried my best to be interesting as well as preach the gospel clearly.

I started off (and finished off) with a reference to the anniversary of the JFK assassination. My major point in the sermon was on how Jesus had used the sign of Jonah to speak about His own death and resurrection.

One non-Christian fell asleep.

The other telling event was the look of sheer incredulity on the face of a 20-something visitor when I spoke about the literal, bodily resurrection of Jesus. Her face said “wha-? You believe this stuff! Man I must have come to some kind of cult or something.”

I found the whole thing depressing. Not least because all the Christians thought it was a great service and a top-notch message! In other words, it made sense to them….but not to the unbelievers present.

I am starting to realize how disconnected the average non-Christian really is from church and faith. We don’t even have the common language to have an informed communication about the gospel.

In fact, we are quadrupally alienated.

1. Church culture is odd and strange to them.

2. Christian language does not communicate anything meaningful any more.

3. The Christian world-view is also radically different to their own modern/post-modern secular consumerist one.

4. Even our Christian ethics and value are no-longer broadly shared (consider the fury generated by traditional Christian views on hetrosexual marriage).

What did I learn this Sunday? The gap is huge. Perhaps it is no longer even possible to minister to non-Christians in the same sermon or service as believers.


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