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Struggling On…

It’s Over a Year Since I Last Blogged.

Life is often full of the unexpected. For me, two breakdowns (2000 & 2010) and a near constant battle with depression and OCD were never part of the plan. Nor was having two boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Nor was my wife leaving me after 25 years of marriage, divorcing me, and then starting a new life somewhere else.

I’ve been divorced now for 7 months. My two autistic boys are living at home with me. They are not in education, employment or training; ‘NEET’s’ as it is often referred to. Nor are they receiving any state benefits at the moment either. So as it stands we have four of us living in one house on my Baptist Pastor’s minimum stipend.

Life is challenging.

Throw in for good measure that I turned 50 this year, quite a psychological milestone, and you’ll understand that I’ve spent a fair amount of time pondering my life and how I’ve got to where I am, and what it all might mean.

My conclusion–I’m stuck. And I need to get unstuck.

So to help me, I’ve decided to read Peter Bregman’s “18 Minutes”, to reflect on it, and to blog about it, to help me apply its lessons to my life.

Let’s see how it goes….



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