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I need a plan.

It has become something of a cliche that “leaders are readers.” (For ‘leaders’ you can put ‘preachers’, ‘thinkers’, ‘writers’…almost anything really.)  No-one really doubts that the effective preacher needs to find time for serious reading. Yet enter the study of almost any minister and you will find a stack of unread books; some of them unread in years!

We say we need to read. We say we believe in its importance. Yet we struggle.

Rather than analyse the many reasons why this is so, I intend to do a series of short articles looking at how we can conquer this problem.

I know that for me, I need a plan. But I also need a why. I need something more than ‘ought’ and ‘should’. I need to understand why it is so important to read and what benefits it will bring to my ministry. So I start in my next post with “why do we read anyway?”


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